If it seems too good to be true…

Then it is.

Be very careful until a flaw pops up but in the mean time- enjoy the perfectness!

Carpe Diem at its finest.

I like your ass


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is just hilarious!



Write yourself a letter. ”Seeing your goal written in ink, on paper will have a powerful effect on your mind” – Unknown

Jotting down your goals or expectations of yourself can be the road map to your successful journey. Whether you decide to write a self-reflection or just a simple letter…

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Queen Bey by Missez Turner : : submission : :


Queen Bey by Missez Turner

 : : submission : :


surround yourself with people who

  • praise you because they mean it
  • don’t want anything but your company
  • do their best to understand you
  • you feel like you can confront if you need to
  • (know they can confront you lovingly in turn)
  • make you feel comfortable
  • stick with you through good and bad times
  • are positive influences on your everyday life

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Photos from the Black Panther’s Free Breakfast Program

“The greatest threat to the internal security of the United States” ~ J. Edgar Hoover, FBI

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☀follow for more summer☀


☀follow for more summer☀


ZodiacChic Post:Aquarius


ZodiacChic Post:Aquarius

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☻society killed the teenager☹
indie|pale|grunge blog | follows back ✧


☻society killed the teenager☹ • indie|pale|grunge blog | follows back ✧

Find someone who you can truly relate to mentally and spiritually. Someone who you can share everything with. Having common interests. If not, it will be forced, and no amount love will keep the union happily together. There must be a true soul connection.

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